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My second compilation of the ‘Yzma is Best Princess’.  This may be my last of the series for a while. I’m moving, and as much as I love making these and the lovely messages I get, I’m spending more time then I really can afford to on something that doesn’t pay bills.  Plus the more popular these get, the more time I spend reporting art thieves :/  I still have ideas for the series, but it may be a while before I convince myself I can do them.  Thank you to everyone and especially to those who have sent me lovely messages or were kind enough to put my text/source back when it was removed.  You guys are awesome :)

Watercolors, inks and a slight digital outline.   You can find prints and original paintings from the entire series here (I posted discount codes earlier):


*Please do not remove my text/source from my artwork.  If you cannot respect the time and effort I put into these to do that, then please do not reblog at all.  Thank you!


Little Lion Man by disneylandaciddtrip on Flickr.

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(2) Tumblr na We Heart It.

"Every mouth you’ve ever kissed
was just practice
all the bodies you’ve ever undressed
and ploughed in to
were preparing you for me.
i don’t mind tasting them in the
memory of your mouth
they were a long hall way
a door half open
a single suit case still on the conveyor belt
was it a long journey?
Did it take you long to find me?
You’re here now,
welcome home."

- Warsan Shire, Welcome Home (via larmoyante)

"I hope she kisses you with
the entire universe in her mouth
so that you wake up with
stars on your lips
and a smile that
drips constellations."

- Y.Z. (via larmoyante)